Architecture For Animals

Architecture For Animals 

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AIA, CSI and GCBX members have worked together to create interaction/stimulation stations on the grounds of Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue to benefit the resident dogs and cats.

Many rescued animals lack fundamental motor skills, including simple tasks that many of our domesticated pets take for granted, such as going up a couple of steps.

In order to help these animals develop essential skills, Architecture for Animals teams have designed and constructed interactive stations, where volunteers, trainers and prospective owners can work with the animals to overcome fears and build confidence and trust.

The stations fulfilled the following criteria:

Dog Station #1: Fear
Due to the environment from which they come, many dogs at the shelter have developed fears towards certain objects/situations like doorways or stairs.  The aim of this station is to help the dog overcome these fears.

Dog Station #2: Confidence
Dogs at shelters often have a low self-esteem due to the abuse and conditions they have experienced.  The aim of this station is to design situations that will help the dog build confidence and develop trust in humans.

Dog Station #3: Fun
Dogs, like most animals, need mental and physical stimulation for their emotional well-being.  The aim of this station is to design an interaction which is fun for both the walker/prospective owner and the dog.

Cat Station(s): Stimulation
A shelter setting can be particularly stressful for cats; and providing a stimulating environment will give the cats opportunities for isometric exercise and will reduce anxiety.

Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization, providing rescued dogs and cats with a safe NO-KILL sheltered environment while they wait to be adopted into their very own forever homes.

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